Follow the sales spike of olive oil on the domestic market

Follow the sales spike of olive oil on the domestic market

From October 2013 to June 2014, the increase was 8%

Olimerca.- packaged olive oil still recovering consumer confidence after attending last 2013 to a decline in consumption caused by the price increase. The latest report from the National Association of Industrial Packers and Refiners (Anierac) a month reflects a return to normalcy in the consumption figures of olive oil in their ranks.

Specifically, using data as of June 30, the volume of olive oil outlets from October 2013 to June 2014 amounted to 273.8 million liters for all olive oils involving 20.5 million liters of those sold in the same period of the previous season. In comparison with the sales figures of the current campaign with the above we can see that all categories have improved its turnover: 5.29% for extra virgin, the 22.98% for virgin, 7 , 27% ​​for the soft and 4.96% for severe.

For the sales of all seed oils from January to June 2014 Anierac data point to a total of 157 million liters, almost 13 million liters more than those who came in the same period of 2013 highlighting the increase outputs of refined seed oils has risen from 21.6 million liters in 2013 to more than 32 million liters that have come out this year.